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Nova Scotia restoration builder brings new life to church
But first, it's dismantled & trucked way down the road to the South Shore

church dismantling

Church becomes a charming house-by-the-sea
Photos by Joan & Warren McAuley

This small country church served a congregation near Cape Breton in Hadleyville. It took about a month to take the building apart from the ground up - all the beams were numbered with care.

The structure was delivered to its new owner and new foundation via one large truckload. Restoration builder Warren McAuley found the numbered beams went together with ease. The most challenging part of the re-build was the very steep ceiling. "It was murder for everyone," recalls Warren. "Us, the drywallers and painters."

church teardown dismantling church

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church rebuild

Various stages of dismantling the little country church in Hadleyville, near Nova Scotia's Cape Breton Island.

church new foundation church arrives

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church rebuild before storm

From left: Meanwhile, back on the South Shore, the soon-to-be home's foundation is built. The building arrives - one truckload does the trick.
Photo right was taken shortly before a storm - fortunately all remained secure.

house is boarded in dismantling church church windows

The hope was to use all the original shingles, but they were in terrible shape.
Warren & crew built a new roof over the old one as the owner wanted the rafters exposed. The very steep ceiling made the job challenging.
"It was murder for everyone," recalls Warren. "Us, the drywallers and painters."

interior stairs building steeple floating steeple

The steeple wasn't useable. The new, larger steeple was built on the ground, hoisted up into the air and it fit perfectly first time.

more church windows new matching gazebo church rebuild

Some new windows, a matching 12 foot square screened-in gazebo with removable plexiglass storm windows . . . and the transformation is complete.

house by the sea

Jodie Turner photo

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